Electrimat receives an award at the 11th annual Business Transfer Awards “Les Médaillés de la relève”

Montréal, June 1, 2017 – On May 29th, Électrimat, a regional leader in the sale of electrical, heating and lighting equipment was awarded a prestigious award for the next generation of entrepreneurs at the 11th annual Business Transfer Awards “Les Médaillés de la relève” at the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Organized annually by PwC, proud sponsored of the event, in collaboration with several business partners, the contest aims to celebrate and promote the achievement of Québec companies that have succeeded in their business transfer process, ensuring not only the sustainability of their business, but also their growth.

Seven years ago, the two businessmen saw enormous potential for Electrimat, a company that had already established itself in Brossard and now has more than 37 years in business. With very basic experience in this industry, taking over the reins of Electrimat was a challenge for both visionaries:

“We knew we needed to create a new corporate culture that employees, manufacturers and customers would want to adhere. That’s why the success of the transfer process was based on a feeling of mutual trust between each one, “says Christian Grenier, President.

The two owners used a collaborative and innovative approach to build a strong relationship with their employees, manufacturers and customers.

“Among other things, we are honored to be partners with the electrical specialists we work with on a regular basis. We strive to distinguish ourselves through our personalized, value-added service throughout the business process, enabling them to present superior projects to their own customers. Accordingly, we offer what they are looking : flexibility, compliance with deadlines and deliverables, and tight follow-up on billing and after-sales service. Of course, all of this by making sure we offer great prices, “says the president.

This approach has proved its worth in recent years:

“Since the transfer, Electrimat has seen remarkable growth with revenues that have almost tripled. Our striking force is based on the fact that we offer all the flexibility sought by master electricians, while giving them access to the largest buying group in North America, “adds Mathieu Legris, vice president.

Electrimat is now recognized as a flagship company in the Quebec market for electrical and lighting products and can boast competitive prices against its competitors in residential, commercial and industrial markets. Mr. Legris says that they are very proud to be perceived as young David’s against Goliaths of this world. In addition, the company remained 100% Quebec owned. In their case, being a local independent company has remained their biggest advantage: It gives them a close relationship with their customers and suppliers.

So it was with great pride that the two entrepreneurs won second place among the 60 companies registered for the 2017 Business Transfer Award, in front of more than 250 guests at the event:

“Receiving this award confirms that we did all we could to ensure a promising future for our company. We can only be grateful to all those who trusted us. “

Dynamized by their success, Mathieu and Christian do not want to stop there and want to explore new markets by studying different avenues of growth:

“Our 3 branches in Brossard, Saint-Hyacinthe and Montreal are running at full speed. We realize that our business model is a great source of satisfaction. Customers and manufacturers confirm that they see a real advantage in doing business with us rather than with a big national player, “they conclude.

About Electrimat

Separated in two segments, Electrimat offers sales service of electrical equipment in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors through its three branches. The company also sells to the general public with a fully renovated 9,000-square-foot show-room in Brossard, dedicated to lighting.

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